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Equipe de tournage

Johan Deflander(BE), producer

Justine Bitagoye (BU), co-director

Pascal Capitolin(FR), co-director, sound engineer;

Stéphan Talneau (FR), montage 

Jean-Marie Ndihokubwayo(BU) de Netty Productions (Bujumbura) : montage 

Roland Rugero(BU), Actor

Abraham Musaba(BU), camera man 

Jean-Pierre Harerimana(BU) camera man

Hervé Sindayigaya(BU) sound

Aloys Batungwanayo (BU), coordination, interviewer

Sixte Nisasagare (BU), translation

Patrick Hajayandi  (BU); translation and subtitles

Mateso Philippe Yousuf (BU),driver, logistics

Joséphine Budigoma (BU), finances & administration


Description : G:\260598_100000826186497_2061706177_n.jpg

Justine Bitagoye, Independant director and journalist at the RTNB, Master of History at the National University of Burundi, Master of environmental journalism (Makerere University –Uganda), Master of journalism Chair Unesco-Burundi.

Other cinematographic work :

- Documentary « Mieux vaut mal vivre que mourir » (2006) co-director, premiered at
FESPACO 2007, selected for the festival “Afrique Taille XL" in Brussels and for the Louvain Festival
-Documentary « Kazuba –Le soleil qui se lève » (2008)



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Pascal Capitolin, French-Greman director ans sound engineer for documentary films since 1995, instructor, Master of the University of Hagen, Bachelor of Arts, Certified Peace Consultant at the Academy for conflict transformation (Bonn, Germany).


Realisations as Sound Engineer and/or as Director (extract):

- Are You Dead (Nigeria – Allemagne) 2009
- The Look : un Portrait de Charlotte Rampling. Festival de Cannes 2011
- Die Anwälte, eine deutsche Geschichte, 2011
- KINSHASA SYMPHONIE (Congo) Sound recording and co-author, documentary film by Martin Baer and Claus Wischmann- Nominated for the German Documentary Film Award 2011.
- Hotel Sahara, 2009. sound. documentary film by Bettina Haasen, Mauritanie )
- Tag der Spatzen, 2009. sound, documentary film by Philip Scheffner. (Berlinale, 2010)
- Rhythm is it, 2006 . sound, documentary film by Thomas Grube





Jean-Marie Ndihokubwayo, Director and editor. Director and producer of Netty Communication Burundi. He has over 8 years of experience in several communication fields: journalism, directing, producing, camera work, editing and post-production,.. He received several distinctions, prices and trophies in international film festivals (Fespaco, Festicab, Maisha Film Festival)

- Le rencard,
2011 short fiction - Best Short Film and Best Iimage at FESTICAB 2011 ( - Selected for the MAISHA FILM FESTIVAL (Ouganda)

Burundi, heart of Africa, 2011, documentary film. Official promotion film for tourism to Burundi (cf. Programme des Nations Unies pour le Développement et Office National du Tourisme)


- Taxi Love, 2010 short fiction
Best Burundese work at FESTICAB 2010 ( for the official competition at FESPACO 2011 (BURKINA FASO) (

Description : C:\Users\Aloys\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\T0DKUFJ6\Stephan doing His Thing[1].jpg


Stephan Talneau : Film editor and director.. Having ten years of experience, S. Talneau has worked for international tv channels like BBC, History Channel, Discovery Channel, France 2, Canal Plus, ARTE etc.… but he was also present in selections for film festivals like the Berlin International Film festival and the Clermont-Ferrand International short film festival.



Based on poetic imagery the work of S, Talneau cinsists in the creation of simple stories starting from real life situations and genuine feelings. Some of his artistic output:

- Back and forth (2006) ; Jump from the platform (2007) both selected by the BBC Film Network. He's the creator of Berliner Moment, a project bent on connecting the musical communities of Berlin and on unveiling to the public a number of musical talents, known or unknown.


Description : C:\Users\Aloys\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\T0DKUFJ6\Stephan doing His Thing[1].jpg


Roland Rugero is journalist for the local Revue Iwacu.He's also the author of well received novels, notably Les Oniriques, published by Publibook editions in 2008, and more recently his second novel Baho.

In the Rwagasore documentary he reflects on both the historical and socio-political past of Burundi, realizes his partial ignorance like many young Burundese on many matters and through his questioning he brings the spectator to discover the life of Prince Louis Rwagasore, his combat for independance and the hopes sucsitated by his activism in spite of his being assasinated in 1961



L’Equipe technique :

Abraham Musaba

Camera : Abraham Musaba ; Camera man for the RTNB, Certified at the School of Cinema (Burundi)/ Advanced Technicien and Cinematography
Camera man for :
- La part du serpent, 1992
- Kazuba, 2008

Assistant camera man:

- Africa United, 2010,

- Le Burundi en construction


Description : C:\Users\Aloys\Desktop\The Crew\Other useful photos\IMG_5297.JPG

Second Camera man :
Jean-Pierre Harerimana

Camera man Reuters TV

Description : C:\Users\Aloys\Desktop\The Crew\Herve\Recording Grand Seminaire 010.JPG Sound :
Hervé Sindayigaya: Sound Engineer (ABCIS)

His passion for sound started when he joined the Centre Jeune Kamenge where he worked as sound engineer for concerts with musicians like Steven Sogo etc. His encounter with Pascal Capitolin and working on Rwagasore constitutes a decisive moment, a turning point towards cinematography.
Herve Sindayigaya also did the sound recodring for the film Amaguru n’amaboko.

Production, Coordination, Interview


Description : C:\Users\Aloys\Desktop\The Crew\Johann\Birgit feestje + jean marie 051.JPG Johan Deflander :

Executive Producer of the film. He is journalist by education and has been working in Africa the last 15 years in several media projects. He is also the legal representative of La Benevolencija, a Dutch NGO in Burundi.

Description : C:\Users\Aloys\Desktop\The Crew\Aloys\IMG_5233.JPG Production Assistant, Journalist :
Aloys Batungwanayo, Historian, journalist and co-ordinator at La Benevolencija. He also specialises in activities linked to the preservation of historical memory and in Transitional Justice.

TRADUCTION, Logistque et Administration

Description : C:\Users\Aloys\Desktop\IMG_Patrick.jpg Translation:
Patrick Hajayandi

Independant consultant, Politologue, Lector at the Université Espoir d’Afrique and Researcher in political science (Conflict and Peace Studies in the Great Lakes Region and the Horn of Africa, Political History of Burundi)
Description : C:\Users\Aloys\Desktop\DSC SX.jpg Translation:
Sixte Nisasagare. Writer and scriptwriter of the Murikira Ukuri emission. This emission is an effort in the prevention of conflicts and mass violence produced by La Benevolencija Grands Lacs in collaboration with local radio stations.
Description : C:\Users\Aloys\Desktop\DSC SX.jpg Driver, logistics
Mateso Philippe Yousuf 

His masterful knowledge of the cities roads and passageways made him a very valuable asset during shooting...

Description : C:\Users\Aloys\Desktop\DSC SX.jpg Finance, administration
Joséphine Budigoma

She did a close follow up on the films realisation and made sure the required financial means were disposable at the right time.


Rwagasore: vie, COMBAT, ESPOIR a 2012 La Benevolencija Bujumbura production directed by Justine Bitagoye & Pascal Capitola