Comite scientifique

To realise this historical documentary, the producers made an appeal to a scientific team to get the required historical background and to validate its historical facts. This team consists of:

Christine Deslaurier

Christine Deslaurier,
(France), professor of History, specialised in the transition of Burundi in the years towards its independance (1956-1961) Institut de Recherche pour le Développement IRD (France)

Alexandre Hatungimana


Alexandre Hatungimana, (Burundi), former Rector of the Burundi National University, doyen of the Arts and Human Sciences Faculty, professor in History, specialised in the socio-economical history of Burundi, head of the Master in Journalism.
Sylvestre Ntibantunganya
Sylvestre Ntibantunganya, (Burundi), Senator, former President of the Republic and former Director of the Rwagasore Institute.
Jean Marie Nduwayo
Jean Marie Nduwayo, (Burundi), Burundi national University, head of the hiostory department, profesoor in History, specialised in the origines of violence in the Ruanda and Burundi monarchiesand in the colonial history.
Rwagasore: vie, COMBAT, ESPOIR a 2012 La Benevolencija Bujumbura production directed by Justine Bitagoye & Pascal Capitola