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ChronologY OF EVENTS

1932 Birth of Louis Rwagasore on january 10th
1938 Prince Rwagasore enters primary school at Bukeye.
1945 Rwagasore starts his study at the Groupe Scolaire d’Astrida (Rwanda)
1946 The United Nations entrust Belgium with the Tutelage of Ruanda-Urundi
1952 Prince Rwagasore continues his studies in Belgium (in Antwerp and Louvain)
1955 Jean Paul Harroy arrives in Burundi as Vice-Governor General
1956 Rwagasore proposes Harroy to put into place a 'Murundi'constitution
1957 A project of cooperatives is started by Mirerekano and Prince Rwagasore
1958 The UPRONA party is established. Rwagasore is its General Advisor.
1960 First communal elections : Rwagasore is placed under guarded residence..
1961 L'UPRONA wins the parlementary elections. Rwagasore becomes Prime Minister.
1961 After 25 days in power, Rwagasore is assasinated at the Restaurant Tanganyika.
1962 A first trial condemns a young Greek (Jean Kageorgis) tot the death penalty for committing the murder.The other conspirators get prison sentences.
1962 On june 30th 1962, two days before the independance Jean Kageorgis is executed.
1962 On juli 1th Burundi becomes independant
1962 A new trial starts against the same accomplices
1963 The death penalty for 5 accomplices is confirmed by the Appeal Court on january 5th
1963 On January 15th the five condemned are hung in the Gitega stadium
Rwagasore: vie, COMBAT, ESPOIR a 2012 La Benevolencija Bujumbura production directed by Justine Bitagoye & Pascal Capitola